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Interested in listing your bnb with us?  Boost your property's potential with our comprehensive short-term rental management service*. We do the work. You reap the rewards. Contact us below to find out how.

*Service subject to approval 

Wowbnbz Director and CEO Victor Parodi is a passionate hospitality expert with over a decade of experience at some of Sydney's most prestigious venues including the world-renowned Star Casino, designing and operating Sydney's most sort out V-VIP gaming and leisure rooms.  As a result, he understands exactly how to consistently deliver premium services that guarantee customer satisfaction. 

Since launching Wowbnbz in 2019, Victor and his team have hosted hundreds of travellers across his properties but his commitment to delivering an exceptional experience every single time remains unchanged. This is reflected in positive testimonials and reviews that regularly deliver 5-star ratings. 

As an avid world traveller, Victor has spent time in South America, Asia, the United States and the Middle East - and has used these adventures to deliver a unique offering through Wowbnbz, where guests can expect global glamour with a touch of Sydney style and stays that provide world-class experience, yet somehow still feel like home. 

Victor loves exploring cafes, is enthusiastic about business and personal development, entrepreneurship, buying things he only uses once, making excellent dad jokes and simply seeing others enjoy a good night out with memories to take home with them.

Even though he is a total babe, unfortunately Victor does not come with the property. 


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